Linking People to Fruit, Nut, Vegetable & Medicinal Crop Landscapes

Our Strategies

  • Careful site analysis, assessment and soil testing
  • Perennial plants arranged in polycultural support guilds to provide functions such as soil fertility and pollination.
  • Reliance on liberal use of various mulches to build rich soil, hold moisture and suppress vegetation
  • Record keeping of species and varieties that work well in different locales, microclimates, etc…
  • Ongoing evaluation
  • Proactive, continued stewardship

Designer/Steward Profile

Ned Phillips-Jones studied aquaculture at Hampshire College  later focusing on permaculture design. As part of his Division III thesis project Ned founded Greenwich Forest Garden, a biodiverse perennial landscape of nutritious and useful species surrounding a building in the Greenwich residential area of campus.

Since graduating he founded Delicious Habitat LLC and works to facilitate permaculture and ethnoecology awareness.